"Living in Israel dramatically changed my life and how I look at the Bible, follow Jesus, and love people every day. It is my dream to share this opportunity with as many as possible, while providing the best value and experience available. I do not believe there is any other experience that will change your life and impact the way you approach the Bible as much as this."
                                    - Geoff Carroll

Meet Geoff

I have been a student of the Text my entire life, but nothing compares to the perspective and insight that study in the land of the Bible allows. It is my passion to share this experience with as many as possiblegoing above and beyond the traditional tour experience by offering two week Biblical study trips throughout the land of the Bible. These trips are specifically designed for serious students of God's Word who seek to engage the text from the perspectives of the original audience.


My wife and I knew each other in college, but it wasn't until we happened to meet in Israel that we fell in love. She was visiting a friend and experiencing the land for the first time, and I was a graduate student at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. We spent a few days together in Jerusalem and then I married her as quickly as I could. We were married on the campus of our alma mater in Abilene, TX on September 30, 2006, surrounded by family and friends. Our wedding ceremony incorporated cultural marriage traditions from the time Jesus walked the land.  It had been my dream to lead study trips to the land of the Bible and my wife joined me in that, and together we began Travel the Text after learning and studying from others who excel in this same calling. Jamie manages most of the administrative and organizational details, and I enjoy spending as much time in research, study, and teaching about the land of the Bible as I can. Eight years into our marriage we were overwhelmed with thanksgiving when our son Samuel was born in July of 2014. He is our greatest adventure yet and adds a remarkable depth, passion, and experience to our adventures in the land of the Bible, whether we are traveling and studying as a family or with our groups. We are thankful to work and travel together often as we share the incredible experience of studying in the land of the Bible with many incredible people from around the world.


As a minister’s son I valued the intense study of scripture from an early age. Pursuing this passion for the study of the Text, I graduated from Abilene Christian University (ACU) with a degree in Ministry and went on to receive my Master of Divinity (M. Div.) degree, also from ACU. A highlight of my education was being accepted to the Hebrew University of Jerusalem where I lived in Israel for over a year working on a Master’s degree in The Bible and its World. It is an ongoing privilege to study on-site several times each year under some of the world's top archaeologists, teachers, and religious leaders in the land.

It would be our great joy to share the experience of study and pilgrimage with you in the land of the Bible. Please connect with us today!